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Sick of the outdated recruiting techniques for hiring contractors?

Easily hire senior, pre-screened remote contractors with superior technical and communication skills at the best prices, who can work within your time zone.
Who can join the Konexi community?
Work with the top 1% of talented workers from Indonesia
We match the best talent with the best American companies
Full-time availability (40 hours/week)
While a short transition period for part-time work is possible, a swift shift to full-time is necessary
3+ years of industry experience
Konexi’s job opportunities are more plentiful for those with experience in senior or managing positions
3-6 hrs availability for tests & interviews
Experience our interview process designed by engineers from tech startups in Silicon Valley
4 hours overlap with US time zone
To effectively serve our clients primarily in Silicon Valley and New York, we require a 4-hour overlap with their workday
Fluent English and proactiveness
We prioritize candidates who are strong communicators, understand the challenges of remote work, and can proactively overcome them through clear and consistent communication

High quality/cost ratio

Acquire deeply vetted contractors at a fraction of the cost
Choose from the top 1% of thousands of Indonesian contractors that cost up to 90% less than their US equivalents
Hundreds of skills available
From Quickbooks to React Native to Hubspot, hire talent that are proficient in all the skills and tools you use everyday.
Zero risk
Two weeks cancellation period, no charges will apply

Rigorous Vetting

Extensive tests and interviews
Our interviews are more thorough than those in Silicon Valley, assessing candidates on many skills including communication, English level, and technical abilities.
In-Depth English Level Vetting
Hire Indonesians who understand American jargon and lingo to ensure that there are no communication issues between your team members.

Effective collaboration

Daily updates
Konexi’s commitment to a timezone overlap enhances your ability to monitor your remote contractors work.
Easy administration
Konexi’s high visibility approach enables easy engagement with contractors and ensures their work aligns with your important objectives
Match your timezone
Our contractors are available in your time zone, ensuring a minimum of 4 hours of overlap during your workday.
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Including top startups and small businesses in the fields of:

Fitness Tech
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Konexi Talent Profile

Our comprehensive resumes and Konexi Talent Profiles give you an in-depth look at a candidates strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if they are the ideal candidate for your team.
How to hire top remote Talent through Konexi?
Tell us the skills you need
We will schedule a call to gather information about your needs.
We find the best talent for you
Receive a list of pre-vetted candidates in a matter of days.
Schedule interviews
Meet potential talent and pick the ones that suit your requirements.
Begin your trial
Begin every relationship with a new hire with a 2-week trial period with no commitment.

Hire remote Talent

Provide us with the required skills and we will find the perfect candidates for you in a matter of days, not weeks.

Company Testimonials
“Sifting through profiles on sites like Upwork takes forever. What you really want is a trusted entity to do all the upfront work for you, find great talent, and make it administratively easy for you to work with them.”
Tech Investment Firm, Los Angeles (USA)
“Konexi has been fantastic. I’m hesitant to give them a positive review because I don’t want other people finding out about them. They placed me with a fantastic dev who is higher quality and cheaper than what I’ve found on Upwork/Toptal. Already recommended them to a friend!”
SFRanalytics, San Francisco (USA)
“ Konexi overdelivered in their task of helping us find contractors for both our finance and content teams, at very competitive rates. We are excited to grow with Konexi for the years to come ”
Stadeo, Texas (USA)