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Full-time remote job
Sales Dev Representative
Are you interest in making an impact in the world of fitness? We're seeking communicators to help a fitness startup connect with fitness influencers and provide them with their own bespoke app.
Fitness Tech
2-10 employees
Full-time remote job
Front-End Developer
A U.S.-based company that is creating a no-code web builder to help anyone build their own website with ease. The company is looking for front-end developers familiar with react.js and next.js.
Web Builders
10-100 employees
React JS
Next JS
Full-time remote job
We are looking for positive and motivated individuals with good communication skills who are eager to join our team in providing excellent customer service and helping us maintain our accounting standards and general bookkeeping.
Tax Service
40-150 employees
Based on your skills
Based on your role
Back-End Engineer
UI/UX Designer
Word Press Developer
Front-End Developer
SEO Specialists
Content Moderation
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Sales Dev Rep
Based on your career trajectory
Software Engineer
Executive Assistant
Data Engineer
Digital Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Konexi?

We are a talent agency startup that connects top Indonesian talent with U.S-based startups and fulfill their fulltime hiring needs.

What kind of talent does Konexi hire?

We hire a very wide range of talent - if you're unsure, fill out your own talent profile - there's a good chance we have something for you!

What level of English do you require?

We require proficient English level. What does proficient mean? There cannot be any communication issues between you and our partner clients. However, accents are welcome.

How many rounds do I need to do before being selected?

Depending on the job - there can be anywhere between 3-6 rounds of interviews. However, you only have to pass our pre-screening process once before you become available to our clients.

How often will I get paid and how? What happens if I am retrenched or decide to leave?

You will be paid once a month via direct deposit. In the event that your services are terminated by the client, we will put you back in our talent pool and try our best to find you a new client within the next month.

Do I need to pay any fees for Konexi's services?

No you do not! The only fees you may be responsible for are related to money transfer fees or if the client you are working with decides to .e a credit card to pay.

When working, do I need to pay taxes in the U.S or in Indonesia?

You do not have to pay U.S taxes. You are only responsible for your own Indonesian taxes.

Do you hire full-time or part-time jobs?

We hire for full-time jobs. However, in some cases we hire part-time (hourly-based) and then convert those positions into full-time jobs.

Does Konexi hire new graduates?

Yes we do! It is definitely a plus to have a few years of experience, but we believe if you're good enough you're qualified!

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Find the perfect match with the leading US and Silicon Valley companies
Start working on your dream job
Konexi ensures you have a steady stream of job opportunities, eliminating the need to apply for jobs

Work full-time at top U.S. companies

Create your profile, pass Konexi Tests, and get matched with opportunities in as early as 2 weeks.

Talent Testimonials
“It was a great experience working with Konexi as they organized things professionally. I got my first job within a short period of time! Thank you Konexi!”
Leo, Bandung
“Having a chance to work with Konexi has been an amazing experience! Their hiring process is easy and straightforward. Konexi is a perfect place for growth.”
Aftah, South Jakarta
“I landed a U.S based job off my skills and the best thing is that the whole process occured in a very short period of time. Terima Kasih!”
Michael, Batam